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The One and Only Thing That's Missing From Your Life

"Guy Finley teaches us how to access the inherent joy and wisdom of our Authentic Self."    ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

In the next five minutes you will step onto the path that leads to the greatest discovery of your life . . .

Keep reading to learn what over 200 authors and success experts, including Dr. Daniel Amen, Jennifer McLean, Gaiam®, and Michael Bernard Beckwith, want you to discover so you can activate the most powerful part of your own being.

Bestselling "Letting Go" author Guy Finley has been a featured guest, presenter, and contributor at:

The Secret of Your Immortal Self

Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within

Your Immortal Self sits at the core of your being — wise, strong, vibrant, alive! It is . . . who you really are. And it's waiting to flood your self with a renewed love of life, happiness, and that missing sense of wholeness for which your heart of hearts has been searching all along.

The grand question has always been:
How do I contact this celestial part of my own nature?

The answers have always been either too elusive, incomplete, or totally impractical for this day and age.

Not any more . . .

Fortunately, there is real help. The Secret of Your Immortal Self  is a broad collection of unique essays, heart-warming stories, and special exercises all designed for one spiritual purpose: to help you make contact with a timeless, Immortal Presence that already lives in your heart and mind. Piece by piece, this recollection will stir your sleeping soul that, once awakened, will guide you to the crowning moment of your life: contact with your immortal Self.

Here is the guidance you need to break through the fears, the worries, and the uncertainties that clutter your consciousness now, so that your True Self can shine through.

You'll know, "this is real, this is the higher understanding I have been searching for my entire life."

With relief you'll realize you are finally on your way to a life free of loneliness, stress, heartache. It will all be replaced by a sense of true belonging, new energy, new enthusiasm, and an abiding love that can never be stolen from you.

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What Others Are Saying . . .

"Words of timeless wisdom..."

Guy Finley's thoughtful words of timeless wisdom in The Secret of Your Immortal Self  will help inspire you to be your best self, for yourself and for those you love.

Daniel G. Amen, MD

NY Times Bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

"This is your opportunity for transformation."

The deep and meaningful content found in The Secret of Your Immortal Self  will guide you to shed self-limitation and fear, and awaken you to steadfast clarity, intuition and wisdom. This is your opportunity for transformation.

Jennifer McLean

Creator of Body Dialog Healing, Host of Healing With The Masters

"Access the inherent joy of your Authentic Self."

Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self  teaches us how to uproot the false beliefs underlying our fear, anger, uncertainty, and self-doubt and how we may access the inherent joy, equanimity, wisdom, and creativity of our Authentic Self.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Author of Life Visioning

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Here's the Amazing Fact About You

Everything in the universe seeks one thing: union.

And human beings are no exception to this great, overriding law of life. We long to be united with something: with a lover, with the expression of beauty, with a glorious sunset, with a crispy, cheesy, flavorful pizza . . .

And ultimately, with the Divine.

We search, we struggle, but somehow all our efforts — even when they seem to succeed — leave us longing for more.

That's because while relationships can be wonderful, and beauty is all around us . . . what we really long for is to touch, and to be touched by, invisible celestial forces.

But you wonder, "can a touch like that ever happen . . . to me?"

It not only can happen, but you were designed for it to happen, because . . .

And here is the amazing fact . . .

These celestial forces are already an indwelling part of your own consciousness . . . and always have been.

You can get a taste of what I'm talking about right now. Try this little experiment.

Right now, something may be bothering you. Perhaps it's an offhand comment someone made that offended you — and now you can't stop reliving it over and over in your mind.

Or it's a concern about how much you have to do, or money, or your health, or a family member.

Even while you're sitting here, reading this, your mind keeps straying back to that thing that concerns you.

So now, instead of unconsciously giving energy to those troubling thoughts, consciously gather your attention within yourself. Take a few deep breaths and become aware of the totality of yourself.

That means you're aware of yourself sitting in a room; aware of the thoughts that keep calling to you; and now, suddenly aware that you're seeing all of it from a center of yourself that is more complete, more steady, and more truly who you really are than who you were just a moment before.

Just by stepping out of your noisy mind and becoming still — if only for a few seconds — you have come into contact with a deeper level of yourself — your true friend.

While it's been there all along, it is now present to your awareness in a way it wasn't before.

And now you know that all the time you were listening to thoughts that were tormenting you, this other level of yourself was just waiting to welcome you into its core of peace and light.

Do you see what you've done? You've proven to yourself — if only in a small way — that the celestial is already inside you. That star-borne nature is already part of your original equipment.

The purpose and intended journey of your life is to break through all the inner barriers so that you can come into prolonged, direct contact with the celestial.

But it doesn't happen automatically. Some effort is required. And it is essential to have direction from others who have made the journey before you.

That direction is now available.

The Secret of Your Immortal Self  gives you explanations and practical steps you can take right now to come into alignment with the higher powers that are waiting to invigorate your life.

The insights revealed on each and every page of this extraordinary book actually come to you from another, higher world
that already dwells within you.

Here is just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • How to awaken to the crowning moment of life . . . p. 16
  • The secret entrance into the life immortal . . . p. 22
  • The power to change your past . . . p. 53
  • How to relax with others by releasing yourself . . . p. 93
  • Five simple laws to help you reach your highest spiritual possibilities . . . p. 109
  • How to attract Divine attention . . . p. 137
  • Doing your part in the Divine plan . . . p. 146
  • How to stop useless suffering before it begins . . . p. 199
  • How to realize timeless love . . . p. 236
  • Six ways to know a false inner guide from a true one . . . p. 290
  • Your role in the revelation of the immortal Self . . . p. 306
  • How to open the door of your heart to the Divine . . . p. 309
  • And much, much, more . . .

These are not just intellectual ideas. They are practical, dynamic life principles that you can put to work right away.

And when you do you will:

  • See through the illusion of imagined self-limitation
  • Be released from all forms of regret
  • Discover a new level of patience and compassion that cannot be provoked
  • Experience a celestial union that brings about a new order of your own Self
  • Make the unthinkable realization that — despite all appearances to the contrary — death is not the end of life

Bring these beautiful discoveries into your own heart through Guy Finley's life-changing new book The Secret of Your Immortal Self, and start off on life's greatest adventure.

Don't wait to meet your own highest, best self. Here is the guidebook to becoming the person you long to be. Act now!

Order the book today and get a
FREE ticket to Guy Finley's Live Webinar plus 5 additional bonuses!

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Order Guy Finley's transformational book The Secret of Your Immortal Self from Guy Finley's non-profit Life of Learning Foundation for the discounted price of just $12.91, and receive all 5 BONUS gifts listed below for FREE.


Recording of Guy Finley's Exclusive Follow-Up WEBINAR

Includes In-Depth Q&A

A full-length, unedited recording of Guy Finley's discussion of the Immortal Self book. Includes an illuminating Q&A with attendees asking some tough questions.

  • Guy reveals how you can use every relationship in your life to tap into a timeless wisdom that will act as your Guiding Light even in the darkest moments.
  • Gain priceless insights about how to enter into your own higher levels of consciousness that know that death is not the end of life.
  • Ask your most important spiritual questions and receive real answers that are equally instructive, illuminating, and encouraging.


The Golden Rule of Self-Realization

4-Hour Downloadable MP3 Audio Course

In this special audio program you will learn a powerful method to invite the Light of the Divine to lift you above any dark thought or feeling. We grow into the worlds above us — into the Kingdom of Higher consciousness — by outgrowing the worlds beneath us.

In these transformational talks you will learn:

  • How to Let Go and Agree to the Healing Power of Revelation
  • How to Be Free of the False Authority of Negative States
  • How to Reflect Rather Than Deflect the Light of Truth
  • The 3-Step Process to Rise Above Any Circumstance
  • 7 Laws to Realize a Conscious Relationship With the Divine


1-Month Free Access to GuyFinleyNow.org

Guy Finley's Online Wisdom School

Enjoy 30 days free access to GuyFinleyNow.org, the brightest place on the Web! Updated daily with Guy's latest talks and writings, you'll find hundreds of downloadable MP3s, plus:

  • Friendly forums filled with like-minded people to share in your ongoing discoveries — including weekly live online chats
  • Daily meditative insights via email to help you remember your higher intention
  • Full-length eCourses, including a 4-hour program on Mastering Attention


365 Days to Let Go: Daily Insights to Change Your Life

400-Page PDF eBook

In this meditative journal book Guy Finley reveals two beautiful principles: the Law of Seasons and the Law of Scale. In four stirring chapters you'll discover how to harness the immense hidden powers in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall to lift your life.

Then the book is a perpetual calendar, with meditative insights specifically written to help you find the power and peace hidden within each day of the year.

Use this special book every day for a season, a year, or for the rest of your life, and watch as your mind grows sharper and your heart becomes whole.


The Secret of Your Immortal Self: An Interview with Guy Finley

1-Hour MP3 Download

In this lively interview, Guy Finley takes you on a whirlwind tour of awakening to your true nature — a journey that will plunge you deep inside the mysteries of your immortal self.

He shows you that the true purpose of your existence on this planet is to harness each moment as an opportunity to grow into a richer and deeper and more meaningful relationship with life. An instruction spoken countless times by the great saints, sages, and philosophers of the past, but perhaps never before explained with this level of clarity and real-life practicality.

(Hosted by Justine Willis Toms.)

CLICK HERE NOW to follow the 2 EASY STEPS to request your copy of Guy Finley's new book The Secret of Your Immortal Self  today for the discounted price of just $12.91 from Guy Finley's non-profit Life of Learning Foundation and get access to all 5 free bonus gifts above. It's easy, it's fun, and it can truly change your life.

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